DHI Company Expectations

DHI Company Expectations

Attendance and Time Commitment

Regular attendance in all registered dance classes is expected of dance company members. More than 6 absences from any one dance class may be cause for removal from the company.

All modern company members are required to participate in company choreography, ballet, and modern dance/ jazz technique classes. All hip-hop company members are required to participate in company choreography, all hip-hop classes along with the company modern dance classes.

Extra rehearsals may be called during performance time. Extra rehearsals will be held at other times that the class schedule permits. Students and parents will be notified of any additional rehearsal times at least one week prior to the date. Paula will make best efforts to schedule additional rehearsals well in advance.


Company members are required to participate in all performances


Each dancer will be charged a mandatory $200 costume fee for each session (session I and session II). All costumes purchases will be your property. A payment plan will be available.


Dance company members are required to participate in all fundraisers. All Dance Happens classes are at a low cost. Dance Happens, Inc. is not a public rec program. Thus all money raised through fundraising will keep the program running and ideally to expand it as well.


Company members will be evaluated at the end of session I and at the end of session II.  Company member are expected to set an example for Dance Happens, Inc. dancers and continuously strive for a higher level of achievement.

Dress Code

Dance Company members must wear appropriate dancewear to every dance class. Forgetting dancewear, shoes, hair being down and/ or wearing inappropriate clothing will not be tolerated.

Courtesy and Respect

Being a member of the Dance Company is a privilege. All Company members will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Company members must show courtesy and respect to teachers and other students. Any student who exhibits repeated disrespectful behavior to teachers or other students will be asked to leave the dance company.