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About Us

Who We Are

Dance Happens, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dance program that caters to the inner city youth of Baltimore, Maryland. Its dedication and responsibility is to create a positive learning environment that instills passion, self-esteem, artistic development, and confidence that stimulates creativity and intellectual growth. Discipline, high expectations, and motivation foster the Dance Happens teaching and learning process. Its students are able to utilize their technique of ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, and choreography through the understanding and knowledge of the essential elements needed to enhance their awareness of dance’s authentic tradition.

Dance Happens provides a foundation in the arts for lifetime enhancement. Dance is used as a tool to express feelings, accept and value individual differences, and gain an awareness of its students own and others’ cultures. Dance Happens’ effective teaching enables its students to have depth understanding of the art form through proper technique, feedback, and goal setting. Students are encouraged to work to improve their skills as they encompass the enrichments that dance has to offer through a fun and supportive environment.