A Partnership that Transforms

Emily Socolinsky

Emily is a certified Starting Strength Coach since 2010, a USA Weightlifting certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, and cycle certified through Madd Dogg Athletics. Emily holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. As a strength coach and mentor, she has helped many clients explore their true potential through hard work and persistence.Emily was active as a professional dancer and teacher for over 20 years. During that time, she focused on strength training and a variety of cross-training methods that helped her grow and develop as a dancer and athlete. She began her dance training at the early age of 8 at the Baltimore Ballet and developed her training further at the Baltimore School for the Arts. She continued her dance studies at UMBC where she had the opportunity to study with a variety of dance professionals. Emily has performed with the Phoenix Dance Company, Nancy Romita and the Moving Company, Doug Hamby Dance, The Collective,  Kinetics Dance Theatre and Deep Vision Dance Company. In 2015, Emily began training in Brazilian Jiujitsu.


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Emily and Paula at Emily’s gym.

Basic Training for Dancers

This program focuses on building strength, conditioning, mobility and athleticism through a combination of bodyweight and loaded exercises which allows for continuous progression from beginner to advanced. Exercises such as squats, push ups, rows, deadlifts and isometric work such as planks are the backbone of this class. Our Basic Training Program will challenge dancers on many levels while always keeping the focus on proper technique.

In this class, I address mobility/flexibility issues as well as focus on technique, strength and performance. The goal is to help dancers establish a solid foundation of strength that will ensure their success in their dance classes. I begin each class with a warm up that includes a variety of mobility exercises to engage the whole body, beginning first on the floor, then moving to standing. Following the warm up, I guide the dancers through a core exercise followed by glute work. After this portion, I move into the strength training circuit for the class which includes 4-5 exercises alternating lower and upper body exercises. I end the class with a 5-8 minute conditioning routine and wrap up with a quick cool down to stretch the muscles that were used during class.

Class runs around 35-40 minutes, depending on the conditioning routine. Light weights (5-8lbs)  and bands (therabands or bands with handles) are the only equipment needed for this class. While the class is primarily bodyweight focused, a few exercises do require weights and bands.

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