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Our Story

Dance Happens, Inc. (Dance Happens) is a 501c3 nonprofit dance program whose
mission is “making dance happen’ for all and creating a safe space for the Baltimore
City community to dream big, nourish their love for dance, and to freely express
themselves through movement. “Making dance happen” for all through affordable
dance classes helps build the community from the inside-out.

A healthy community includes having access to quality physical activities for all ages.
A positive learning environment that instills passion, self-esteem, artistic
development, and confidence that stimulates creativity and intellectual growth gives
Dance Happens dancers the tools to utilize the technique of their dance classes
through the understanding and knowledge of the essential elements needed to
enhance the awareness of dance's authentic tradition.

The quality of training that all Dance Happens dancers receive arms them not only
with the fundamentals of dance but the option to pursue dance professionally.

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