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DHI Expectations

Here you can see the Expectations of Dance Happens Inc.

Company Expectations

Dance Happens Company Policies

Being a member of the Dance Company is a privilege. All Company members will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Company members must show courtesy and respect to teachers and other students. Any student who exhibits repeated disrespectful behavior to teachers or other students will be asked to leave the dance company.

General Policies
  • No food, drink, gum allowed in dance area.

  • Classes are closed for viewing.

  • Parents and students are asked not to disrupt classes already in session.

  • Cell phone use is prohibited while class is in session.

Attendance and Commitment Policy
  • Students are allowed six absences per dance class during the year. More than six absences from anyone dance class may be cause of removal from Dance Happens Company. 

  • All modern company members are required to participate in company choreography, ballet, and modern dance/ jazz technique classes. All hip-hop company members are required to participate in company choreography, hip-hop technique class, and African dance class. 

  • Students must be on time for class. If your child/children are 10 minutes or more late for class, he/she will not be allowed to participate.

  • Dance Happens  must be contacted in advance of impending lateness and early dismissal.

  • Students must attend all performances and mandatory rehearsals. 

Rehearsal and Performance Policy
  • Extra rehearsals will be held that the regular class schedule does not permit.

  • Extra rehearsals will be called during performance time. 

  • Students and parents will be notified of any additional rehearsal times at least one week prior to the date. Paula will make best efforts to schedule additional rehearsals well in advance.

  • Company members are required to participate in all performances, presentations, and auditions announced by Dance Happens. 

Fundraiser Policy

Dance Happens Company members are required to participate in all fundraisers. All Dance Happens classes are at a low cost. Dance Happens is not a public recreation program. Thus all monies raised through fundraising will keep the program running and ideally to expand it as well.

Inclement Weather

Dance Happens follows Baltimore City Schools closing policy during inclement weather. If schools are closed more than one day as a result of winter or other severe weather, Dance Happens may resume when snow emergency plan has lifted. 

Evaluation/ Expectations Policy
  • Company members will be evaluated at the end of each session. 

  • Company members are expected to set an example for Dance Happens dancers and continuously strive for a higher level of achievement.

Payment & Refund Policy
  • Each dancer will be charged a mandatory fee of $200 per session (session I and session II). Fee includes costume purchases. 

  • Payments can be made in the form of credit, personal check*, or cash. A payment plan is available.

  • Refund is available upon notification of discontinued participation within the first two weeks of registered class. Refund will not be available after two weeks of registration.

  • $25.00 of each student’s total fee is a non refundable fee.

Class Cancellation

All classes must meet a minimum  10 participants for class to run. If the class does not meet the minimum participants the class will have to be approved by the board of directors.

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