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DHI Expectations

Please read our policies and expectations listed below.

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Community Expectations

Attendance and Time Commitment
  • Students are allowed three absences per dance class. More than three absences will result in dismissal from the dance class or Dance Happens Inc. for that session.

  • Students must be on time for class. If your child/children are 10 minutes or more late for class, he/she will not be allowed to participate.

  • Dance Happens must be contacted in advance of impending lateness and early dismissal.


Each dancer will be charged a mandatory $150 costume fee for each session (session I and session II). All costumes purchases will be your property. A payment plan will be available.


To help keep the low cost of our classes we ask all Dance Happens members to participate in all fundraisers. Dance Happens, Inc. is not a public rec program. Thus all money raised through fundraising will keep the program running and ideally to expand it as well.

Dress Code
  • Students will not be allowed to participate if they are not wearing the required uniform

  • No jewelry allowed except stud earrings

  • Hair must be pulled off of face and neck

  • Girls may wear black dance shorts over leotard and tights

Discipline Policy

Please keep in mind that Dance Happens cannot and will not tolerate misbehavior. Students must exert a great deal of self-discipline and learn to abide by all rules and regulations. The expected behaviors are set by the Board, founder, and staff.  Our expectations include but are not limited to: respect towards other students, teachers, and Dance Happens property; no fighting, rough play, or disruption of the learning environment; no inappropriate language; and no use of cell phones.

Our policies will be maintained in the following way:

For Daily Offenses

If a child is not respectful of one or more of the rules the following applies:

  • For the first offense, he/she will be given a verbal warning.

  • For the second offense, he/she will be asked to sit for the remainder of the class.

  • If there is a third time, a parent/guardian/emergency contact person will be called to come and pick up the child.


If your child is asked to leave the program on any certain day, he/she is welcome to come back to the next dance class. After being asked, however, to leave three times, the child will not be able to return until the following session. If a student is removed from two sessions, he/she will not be able to return to the program for the remainder of the year. At this point, the Program Director and parent/guardian will need a conference to discuss this termination process. We will be consistent and fair, and offer any opportunity to accommodate. If there are extenuating circumstances, we will try to accommodate after conferencing with the parent/guardian, but rarely will there be exceptions.

Exceptions to the Three Strikes Policies

For these offenses, a child will be dismissed from Dance Happens immediately.

  1. Any child who physically hurts oneself and another child.

  2. Any child who leaves the group to wander the building and refuses to return to the dance class or room.

  3. Any child who is physically or verbally abusive toward Dance Happens staff.

  4. Any child who misbehaves or leaves the group during a field trip. In this circumstance, the child will go home immediately or not be able to attend the next field trip.

  5. Any child who steals.

A student who does not have enough self-discipline to control his/her own behavior according to Dance Happens rules will be dismissed.

If your child is asked to leave Dance Happens, the parent/guardian/emergency contact person will be called to pick up the child immediately.

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